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The difference between Cold vs. Warm Leads

Not all leads are the same! 

Almost everyone can agree leads are important but, unlike people, not all leads should be treated equally. There is a major difference in the quality of your leads, that difference comes along with a different title. Knowing the distinction between cold and warm leads is essential to acquiring new business! Prospecting your leads will become the next stage of the process, which is essentially determining who is a cold lead and who is a warm lead! 

Cold Leads

A cold leads or cold outreach as you will often see me say, is when the user has no interaction with your platform or information. These leads are the most common, and are the least likely to buy. I am sure you have heard the term “cold calling” and that is essentially what they are doing, reaching out to as many people as they can!

Warm leads: 

A warm lead or warm outreach are people that have interacted with your content. Personally, I like to get them as “hot” as possible. Meaning they are more interested than just warm (I might be one of the only people that refer to it like that). For example, they signed up for your newsletter, responded to your cold email, or they filled out a form on your Facebook ad. Naturally, these people have displayed a little bit of interest in your content so they are their best leads. Piping hot leads will be the best buyers, and basically throw money at you, so it is important to get them warmed up!

Warming up leads?

Personally, I am an expert in turning Cold leads to Warm leads! Essentially, I find any and everyone and turn them into warm leads by prospecting.  Check out our article on that because turning cold leads to warm leads is essential. There are a few great methods for doing great examples are cold emailing, cold calling, and Facebook advertising (really any social media site). We write about that too so check it out, if you want tips and tricks. Just make sure that you are advertising in the right places for your industry!

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February 28, 2021