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The 7 Secrets for Social Media for Businesses

The importance of Social Media:

Using social media can be challenging for marketing. Here are my 6 quick tips and tricks for social media beginners! We will dive into the following list giving some advice and steps. 

  1. Find your audience 
  2. Show your personality 
  3. Be upfront with your offer
  4. Post post post 
  5. 70/20/10 Rules
  6. Use visual Media
  7. Be Expansive in your services

Find your audience 

Finding your audience can be tricky when you are starting a company or a blog, but it is really important. It is vital to find people that want/need what you are offering and listen to what they want to help you drive your content! Advice for doing this would be to look at people who access similar content and try to enter their perspective. Another great tip is creating similar audiences. Facebook does this well with their feature “look-a-like audiences” (LLA).

Show your personality

Show personality! Social media is ultra-competitive and it is important to stand out in any way that you can! That means making your viewers or customers feel like kings and queens, but also showing them that you are an actual person. Not just a video or blog making machine.  

Be upfront with what you want 

Be honest and upfront with your offer, frankly, most people won’t read your whole article or watch the entire video. It is important to be clear from the start what you want them to do or they almost definitely won't do it. Ambiguity is also the killer of productivity, if they can’t figure out the point of what you are offering are they supposed to do it? 

Post Post Post 

This might seem obvious but it needs to be said, you need to be posting like a maniac! You need to stay relevant and make sure that you make posts that people might care about. It starts easy but it can be hard in the long run. Try posting AT LEAST once per week. Also, EDIT old content, do not just post it and hope that people will always enjoy it. Information changes so you need to make sure your content reflects that. 

70/20/10 rule

This rule regards what to post and when, if you follow this rule you should probably post a few times per week to get the most from your social media accounts. Generally speaking, you want to post 70% original content that focuses on people in your niche's needs. 20% of your content should be relevant shared content, and 10% should be purely promotional (advertising). These are rough numbers, of course, don’t worry about sticking exactly to it but this is good to keep in mind while making content! 

Visual Media 

Making infographics and pictures are a great way to capture people's attention. Make sure you create videos and other creative content to post for your customers’ enjoyment! Use Canva (LINK) if you are not well versed in these things!

Be expansive in your services

Do not just upload on Facebook or Instagram, all media platforms are different and are best for targeting different people. Of course, if you are a social media influencer you might not need to make a LinkedIn account for that brand so that it is important to keep in mind the social media's primary audience! Generally, everyone needs to expand to the social media that will help them in their particular field 

We love to talk on social media so if you have any questions feel free to reach out or check out our social media accounts. If you want help from the experts feel free to go to our website and schedule a meeting! 

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April 4, 2021