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Sales Vs. Marketing

Sales and marketing are often thought of as the same thing. Even though they are two sides of the same coin they are not the same thing! Marketing is mostly only used to sell B2C products like apps. Marketing is still an essential part of the sales process and we will discuss the differences. We will soon be posting articles about the importance of marketing and 5 essential sales tips. Standing out in a competitive market can be challenging so be sure to check them out if you are looking for help! 

1. Marketing

This is important for reaching out to cold leads! Marketing is about building a brand and helping customers recognize your brand before you even try to sell to them. This recognition is extremely important in sales prospecting. We will be writing an article about prospecting leads . Marketing is all about lead generation, of course, this needs to be done before you can prospect for sales. Ideally, you have a good list of leads to form that list you want to make advertisements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or gorilla tactics like cold emailing. We love cold emailing so we have an article on that also! Rarely do people sell using marketing alone, this is left mainly for the B2C market and there it happens pretty frequently but in a lot of cases, people still do other research on your product so having a website and good reviews is essential. 

2. Sales

First off it is important to make sure that you only sell to your warm leads. Sales is a complicated topic, we will be writing an article with tips for sales. I think the key is having the written sales script, and having an outline for how you want the meeting to go. Essentially, sales are giving your offer or pitch to a prospect and ideally closing deals. The concept is pretty simple but of course, it is much more complicated than that!

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February 7, 2021