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5 Secrets to Handling Sales Objections


Selling in a seller’s market can be extremely difficult, so I have created a few tips and tricks to help people handle objections that they might face during a sales call. If you are looking for general tips we have an article about sales. Generally, objections can be one of the most difficult parts of the sales call to navigate. Here is a list of things I think are important to focus on when dealing with objections: 

Active Listening 

You need to show that you are listening is essential to sales in general. Nothing is worse than explaining your situation for someone to ignore your problems and treat you like every other client. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to pay attention (it is not hard). Even though you are listening, if you are silent it can be hard to tell, vocalize that you are listening with occasional responses for example an occasional “ok” or “interesting”. 

Acknowledge their objection 

This does not mean just repeat their question or objection back to them, just highlight the important part. For example, “so if I understood you correctly you are having a problem with x”. The next step is to move on with your sale as if it does not matter (do not say that though) just move on with confidence. 

Ask a question

Asking questions is extremely important in making sure you and your lead are on the same page. This question is important to direct your lead to the next part of your sales pitch, you need to ask them a question to ensure that they know your offer and understand how much value they see in it (if any). Try something like “does all this make sense to you? Sometimes I get too passionate and talk too fast”. This is not that solid, but it is important to make sure they are on the same page as you. You also want to make sure they do not feel stupid. 


Dive right into another pitch before they even really notice, this time you want to tailor your sale to their issues. You want to be sure to highlight their concerns and answer them as best you can. If you cannot, then they are just not the right client. Move on. It is important to make sure your presentation is not “front-loaded” and you have enough information that is new to help entice them.


Try to close your deal again, if you find that you go through a pattern like this a few times it might be time to just give up on this sale. Again, not everyone is a perfect fit or needs your services so do not waste your time or theirs. If you are looking for more great content on this the wolf of wall street has some other amazing videos on this content!

These are the things that I have learned through my sales experience. These secret tips will help you increase your closing ratio and become a better sales person. I hope that this was helpful if you are looking for more sales advice for free. I post a lot of content that should be helpful for you. Check out my social media accounts and my YouTube channel! 

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March 28, 2021