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4 Quick Tricks to Prospecting leads


Prospecting leads is the process of making sure that your leads are interested in your offer before bothering to spend time selling them, before we begin you must understand this is the process of filtering warm vs. cold leads. This is an essential way to save time in the sales process so you can move onto making other sales! No matter what some “experts” like Grant Cardone say, you cannot sell everyone so it is not worth your time trying! Here are a few tips for prospecting your sales. To start, it is important to track the common issues you face when making sales so you can think of ways around them! So if for example, the price is a common issue on your sales calls, you might want to make it clear what the price is before people call you so you don't face it as much. Or you think of a clever way of addressing it on the phone (which would probably be better for sales). Now we will get into our 4 way of prospecting leads! 

  1. Use social media 
  2. Use email 
  3. 15-minute calls 
  4. Referrals 

1. Use social media 

In the B2B market, social media is important to get leads, but it is equally important in making sure that these leads are qualified to sell to. To do this, you must be clear about your product or service and probably the price of your product or service because it is usually the first question people have. Social media advertising can be expensive, so you need to make sure that your brand has a presence on the site (at least a little) before you purchase these advertisements. If people chose to click on the ad you want there to be other information on your account. This is the best opportunity for organic growth and you should check out our article on that! 

2. Use email

Email is huge, especially now during COVID. Email is used largely to prospect possible clients and set meetings. Emailing is something we do extremely well, and you want to make sure that it is something you focus on at least a little. Within the email, you want to focus on pain points, qualifications, price and all relevant details in a quick and timely manner. No one wants to read a page-long email, so they won’t it is really that simple. 

3. 15-minute phone calls

Implement a two-call system we are going to go more into detail about this soon in a blog post because we know sales tips are a common issue for people. But, without boring you it is important to make two different calls. The first call is quick, 15-minutes should do it (but it can be slightly longer) one of my clients has trouble getting all the information he needs in these 15 minutes so it is more like 20-25 minutes for him. But the point is, that this call is your opportunity to make sure that they are qualified for your product or service and that they need it. Make sure that they actually need it because you want to be ethical, the goal is not to sell to everyone only people that need your service. This will save you time because you will not be pitching your product or service to people who do not qualify. Prepare questions, focus on the common problems that you face with qualifications. Do not be afraid to ask them because your goal is to save both of you time! 

4. Referrals

Last but not least you need to have referrals, word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way of getting new sales. Everyone trusts their friends more than some random salesperson, they also like when people have nothing to gain from the offer. With that being said you want to make a referral program so people are incentivized to give referrals to you. But, even if you do not have one, your service or product provides great value to your customer (or you shouldn’t be selling it) so do not be afraid to ask for referrals! Another helpful tip is to ask for an introduction, do not just ask for their number because then you just got another “cold lead’ not a “warm lead” which is the point of prospecting in general.

I hope you enjoyed the post, I would appreciate you reposting it if you enjoyed it! Every fresh set of eyes adds a whole lot of value. Check out our social media accounts like Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more for free! If you want to watch a video regarding this content we go a little further into depth on our YouTube channel so be sure to check that out! We love to post helpful information to help businesses grow without any outside help! If you are looking for help go to the contact section of our website and set a meeting we would love to help or forward you to someone we know that can!

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February 8, 2021